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Day 1 - Arrival:

After you make yourself confortable you can have dinner. Before or after dinner you can take a little walk nearby. During this walk you can see our village and the Danube shores. After  dinner we will discuss, over a glass of local wine, some little details about our behaviour and safety during the boat trip.

Day 2 - Meet the Danube Delta:

After breakfast, we will go to the boat (5 minutes  walk till there). The trip lasts about 6 hours.

During the tour you'll have the chance to see lot of birds: the Kingfisher, White-tailed Eagles, Pelicans, Purple heron, Grey heron, Squacco Heron, White egret, Little egret, Cormorants, Mute swan, Glossy ibis, lot of Dutchs species, Mallard, Goose and many others. We may also see The East Asian raccoon dog, Wild cats, Wild boars,  Eurasian otter etc.

On returning you will have lunch consisting of traditional fish dishes.

After you rest, we recommend you take a walk on the Bestepe Hill Natural Reserve, wich offers you a nice panorama of the entire Danube Delta and a lot of landscapes. The reserve is one of the rare protected areas where steppe meadows are found on both limestone and siliceous substrates, which increases the total number of plant species.

If you’re lucky,  you can take some photos of a very spectacular sunset.

We plan the activities for the next day.

Day 3 - Lets discover more:

Today, after the breakfast, we will go in some new areas of the Danube Delta. You can discover lakes and tunnel channels. You will not feel that the 6 hours trip is over and the lunch, near a glass of our traditional romanian wine will prepare you for discussions about your new love, the Danube Delta.

Day 4 - The Black Sea:

We think that it is time to see how the Danube river meet the Black Sea. If the weather permits you can also take a bath in the sea. It will be a long trip, but with lot of nice surprises. You will see forests, sand dunes, lianes etc.

For the last day we will discuss together, after the dinner, what is the best trip to make. Were the lakes you attraction, was the Black Sea, the forests? Let’s make the plan for tomorrow.

Day 5 - Your choice:

Is your choise today, you will make the plan. The last day, the best experience.

Day 6 - Good by my love!

Enjoy the breakfast.

We have time to remember the joy of the last days.

Are you in love with the Danube Delta? Hope “Yes”!

See you next time! We are here!


Please note that the program is flexible. In the Danube Delta the weather can change in a few hours. So, we can discuss together the schedule. Maybe on one day is better to take the trip in the morning, maybe on another day in the evening, we will make the decission together.

The speed during the tours is arround 5-10 km/h.

As a responsible traveler, please use your rechargeble bottle for water.

For your confort, during march-may and september-november we recommend appropriate clothing, according to the weather: a wind jacket, a pullover etc.

Water lilies are beautiful flowers, so they have to stay where they are, in the nature. 🙂

If you consider necessary, you can purchase an insurance from our partners:

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