Birding in Romania

Birding in Romania is a unique and rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts. With an active birding community and a diverse range of bird species, Romania is home to around 370 different types of birds, including some that are rare and endangered. Some that are worthy of note include Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliacal), Black Kite […]

Birds of the Danube Delta

Known as a Paradise of birds from Europe, the Danube Delta offers the chance to discover them in one of the best preserved area in the world. Please find below the lists you may need during your visit in the Danube Delta and Romania. Please visit our tours by clicking here.

Danube Delta – Birding the Carasuhat Area

Conservation efforts have been focused on the reclaimed farmland in the Carasuhat area, near Mahmudia village. After the land was flooded, a lot of birds(Birds from the Danube Delta Checklist) started coming to the area in just a few months. This area has a lot of potentials and is an example of an area where […]

Why “Bunica Maria – Guesthouse for birders”?

So, why “Bunica Maria – Guesthouse for birders”? Every place has a story, and if there’s no real people behind it, it’s just a story. “Bunica Maria” means “Grandma Maria”. The “Grandma Maria” story began with a thought, many years ago. Many of those who visited us asked about the “story”. Most understood the essence. […]