Danube Delta – Birding the Carasuhat Area

White-tailed eagle

Conservation efforts have been focused on the reclaimed farmland in the Carasuhat area, near Mahmudia village. After the land was flooded, a lot of birds(Birds from the Danube Delta Checklist) started coming to the area in just a few months. This area has a lot of potentials and is an example of an area where the environment is being rebuilt.

In the past few years, it has become a place where many species breed and where thousands of Great White Pelicans and Dalmatian Pelicans like to rest. Other birds that can be seen include the Garganey, the Red-crested Pochard, the Ferruginous Duck, the Black-winged Stilt, the Caspian Tern, the Black Tern, the White-winged Tern, the Whiskered Tern, the Common Tern, the Black Stork, the Pygmy Cormorant, the Little Bittern, the Purple Heron, the Squacco Heron, the Black-crowned Night-Heron, the Glossy ibis and more.

Because there are so many kinds of birds, birdwatchers and amateur ornithologists can see the beauty of nature in all its glory. Thousands of birds, like the Great White Pelican and Dalmatian Pelican, like to stop and rest in the Carasuhat area.

After the land was flooded with water, a lot of birds started coming to the area in just a few months and now after few years, the area is almost an independent ecosystem.

This huge variety of birds has given birdwatchers and ornithologists a chance to study them.

Pictures from my personal portofolio – andreiprodan.ro