Why “Bunica Maria – Guesthouse for birders”?

Bunica Maria - Front view 7.jpg

So, why “Bunica Maria – Guesthouse for birders”?

Every place has a story, and if there’s no real people behind it, it’s just a story.

“Bunica Maria” means “Grandma Maria”.

The “Grandma Maria” story began with a thought, many years ago. Many of those who visited us asked about the “story”.

Most understood the essence.

But there were also some who saw only the commercial side: a corporate corporation in the city, retired to the Delta, who gave a “shic” name to the holiday home.

There is also a commercial part true – because “Grandma Maria” sounds good 🙂 – but in reality it’s really about my grandmother Maria and her yard. She and Grandpa Vasile.

It’s an inheritance, it’s a name I wanted to move on. This court, is my childhood yard with my grandparents. I have been linked to this place so much that I have now returned – after 26 years.

See you!

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