About the Danube Delta

I grew up here, but I learned after many years that I do not know much about the Danube Delta. It was simply a place that became commonplace over time.

After so many years gone, I returned, I started to rediscover it. Let me actually discover it.

It was UNESCO’s need to declare it a natural reservation.

The European Union needed to be interested in its fate.

It was necessary to see the money he could generate.

I’m not a fishery engineer, no geologist, no ecologist. I am a simple man, born in nature, matured in the city and by the city. I had the chance to see both aspects: nature and “the kingdom of man”, two different types of government.

A former detainee, released from prison after many years, was asked by one of the guards: “How about the achievements of society, the imposing buildings that surround you?” His answer was, “I do not know what to say about them, but I see how beautiful this willow is on the bank of the river.” (I have played back from memory)

Things seem to change. People are starting to change their vision. I say this from the experience of the last two years.

When I decided to open “Bunicaa Maria”, I could not make the decision without a market analysis. For who I open, who will come, who are the potential customers, what this area can offer, etc.

I have met different concepts:

“The fishermen come to the Delta!”, “Delta’s activity is seasonal!”, “Delta means Mila 23 and Letea!”

From experience:

They really come lot of fishermen, but in a very small percentage (maximum 20%). There is also a percentage of those who come for fun, parties, chefs.

But Delta calls you for quiet!

Most of those who come are people who want to visit the Delta, stay in the nature, go for a boat trip. I have noticed that strangers are the ones who come for a walk and photograph. We Romanians have not yet woken up. Like I still have a beer, or more, late evening 🙂

Tourism here can be done all year round. It takes time to change mentalities, or just to reach a sensitive chord of those who want to come in “offseason”.

Delta is not just: Mila 23 and Letea. These are emblems, parts of the puzzle. There are areas that have been promoted, they were a hook.

I tried to make a poll, but it seems that I have to repeat it several times before I can draw conclusions.

I’ll dare here to ask, maybe I’m more lucky:

What would make you come to the Delta in the summer?

But in spring, autumn or winter?

Be good and throw a thought. 🙂


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