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We are a young family with two children, who decided to go back home, closer to nature, to traditions and healthy culture.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our 8 rooms, with private bathrooms, air conditioning, TV cable, free Wi-Fi and central heating. You have access to free parking.

You can also enjoy our small library or have a nice, quiet dinner on the patio.

Taste our traditional fish food!

Visit an ecological reconstruction area, unwinding in a locally owned Guesthouse, enjoying traditonal food like Grandma use to make.

Admire Pelicans, Purple Herons, Pygmy cormorants, Rollers, Bee-eaters in a conservation-minded tour, while savouring locally sourced fresh food.

Our fishsoup is the best, but we invite you to try the catfish cream soup also!

"Bunica Maria" means "Grandma Maria", and she was our dear grandmother. 🙂

You are welcome!

Bunica Maria, 4, Libertatii Str., Mahmudia, Tulcea