Hinterlassen Sie uns eine Nachricht

Be responsible with yourself!

We need to understand that a healthy Earth needs healthy people and healthy nature.

That's why we want to be part of a responsible tourism, so during the stay at "Bunica Maria" we have some recommendations:

  • please use a reusable bottle for water; if you don't have one we will help you to get one;
  • when you are living the room, please check the TV, the air conditioning system, the lights and the water;
  • protect the flowers, they are beautiful and they should remain there, in the nature;
  • we like birds also, that's why we use binoculars - we can admire the details, and they can stay peaceful in their habitats;
  • if we will visit the monasteries. The monks are quiet, they like quiet - let's respect them. We will have the chance to hear a thought from deep inside of us.
  • please respect our culture and our living style; fishermans are modest people, very helpful when you need, but their life means quiet and discretion;

We love nature and we will do our best to make you fell comfortable and leave with the memory of a remarkable experience.

Be sure that your little effort will have a big impact for yourself, for the others and for the environment.